1. Clinic App to Manage Patients

Artifacts Includes - 

Research, Interviews, Surveys

                   Card Sorting, Affinity Diagrams, Empathy Map, User Persona

User Journey, Experience map, User Flow

Sitemap, Information Architecture

Low/High Fidelity 

Prototype with animation

Design System Implementation


Code hand over to developers

Tools Used - 

Google Forms




Figma Plugins

Process Methodologies - 

Agile - SCRUM , Kanban, Lean

2. Tableau Data Analysis : Retail Sales Dataset

Portfolio Retail ales Data Case Study.docx

Visualization Charts

3. Tableau Data Analysis : Retail Sales Dataset

Leadership wants to explore trends and discover insights related to the conversion funnel. Specifically, they'd like to see which marketing channels, locations, and customer personas are most valuable, from both overall volume and conversion rate perspectives. They've asked that we create a dashboard that shows some insights and allows them to explore the data for themselves. 

3. Warehouse & Fulfillment with E-Commerce Platforms

Warehouse & Fulfillment, E-Commerce Case Study Notion.pdf

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